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  • Tyndale Tourist Park Roadhouse – Tyndale, NSW   
    • by neotECH
    • February 02, 2015
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    “We have owned Tyndale Tourist Park Roadhouse for just over 4 years and until approximately 6 months ago we used a standard cash register. This was ok however it meant that everyone on staff had to be up to date with prices and if a new product was introduced or we have a price change than everyone had to make sure they remembered it. We were constantly updating our master price list which had to be checked all the time. Our business has grown so much in the last 4 years we needed to become a lot more efficient and professional when it came to serving our customers so we had a look around at what POS systems there were available. After much research we decided to purchase the SprintPOS system. It was so easy to set up, put all of our stock and prices into the database and everyone here just loves using it. No mistakes are made at the cash register anymore and balancing the till at the end of the day is so easy. The only thing that we wonder about is why we didn’t buy SprintPOS before. We love it and the after sales service we get from Neotechnology is very good. We would certainly recommend SprintPOS to anyone.”

    Beverley & Trevor Traynor